Uni-Range is a group of strong allied companies working together to provide the market with quality office furniture. Our works are usually project based, working closely with designers and contractors to provide the best and most suitable furniture to fit their given work spaces, following their given budget without compromising the quality.
In Uni-Range, all furniture is customizable at a reasonable cost.

Headquartered in Kampung Baru Sungai Buloh, our manufacturing facilities includes a few sub-division, with a chair manufacturing and assembling section, tailoring and upholstery section, Aluminium desking and partition works division, wood panel furniture working factory and metal works with powder coating line that completes and compromises all the needs in manufacturing custom-made office furniture. One of the top office furniture manufacturer in Malaysia.

Established in Malaysia in the year 1990, the company started as an OEM manufacturer for the Ultegra Chairs of the United States. Back then, with its marketing office already setup in the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam and China, Malaysia’s marketing office was only setup in the year 1996, near its manufacturing facility located in Taman Wahyu Industrial Area, Kuala Lumpur. The manufacturing and marketing office was then shifted to Kampung Baru Sungai Buloh, Selangor, in the year 1998 to accommodate the company’s vast expansion. Today, being in the office furniture industry for more than 30 years, jointly with the modern machinery, skillful workers, supporting suppliers, and vast network of clients, Uni-Range strives to build further friendly business environment, providing good quality products that is value for money.


With more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing chairs, altogether with the experience we had been injecting our own foam and plastic parts back then when we first started as a chair manufacturer, we can now easily identify the best method and quality in manufacturing chairs, sourcing the best suppliers and partners to work with to increase the overall efficiencies. While working closely with the professionals, we learn and we adapt for better quality and newer methodology and technology every now and then. Our research and development team is always working closely to design and produce concepts that would further enhance the art of office seating.

ALUMINIUM Department

The Aluminium section was established back in the early 2000 to manufacture Aluminium frame workstation partition panels. Our signaficant XP Series 30mm and X5 Series 55mm slot system partition was proudly redesigned and extruded here in Malaysia. The department then expanded to produce aluminium desking frames to cater for faster cut-and -go to any table size, increasing the efficiency and production leadtime for urgent project timelines. Our VECO Series, AYA Series, XT Series, COMO Series are all completed with their own extrusions, cut to any size, assemble and go systematically.


Complete with all machineries and skillful experienced workers, the wooden panel furniture section allows many customization works to be done easily under one roof. A one stop office furniture customization place in Malaysia.